The Australian government is helping international students once again for getting a visa. They have upgraded their policy for the betterment of international students. They made many changes back in 2012 and 2014 due to Knight review which was an investigation commissioned by the government. Knight review objective was to find best possible ways for international students to study in Australia.

Some previous changes:

The Knight review findings certainly helped international students by reducing visa assessment levels for applicants. There were five levels which were reduced to 3 assessment levels. Many changes were made including less financial requirements to support their study. Also, English language test requirements were changed. DIBP allowed international students to submit their English proficiency results from different testing bodies like TOEFL, PTE, and advanced CAE. IELTS was only acceptable score previously.

Another important upgrade was SVP through which international students who confirmed admission in any institute for higher studies in any field was recommended for streamlined visa processing regardless of their country origin.

Student visa charges were also reduced to support international students. Student applying under the sponsorship and other programs were given visa without any fee. Working in Australia was another important aspect for international students to support their studies. From 20 hours per week, it was extended to 40 hours, 15 hours one week and 25 hours the upcoming week. After registration course, international students were able to work in Australia until the completion of course.

Changes to living cost international students were also raised. From AUD$18,000 per year to AUD$18,610 per year, that helped student financially during their stay. Both immigration department and border control authorities made sure that these changes will be implemented and helped international students.

New changes include the easier simplified version of changes mentioned above that were made during 2012 and 2014. More flexibility and less process time with less evidence required supporting applications.

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