Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection recent results show success

Today, a report has been published by Immigration and border protection showing good results in facilitating the movements of goods and people across the border. Also, the DIBP reports show a strong management of border to protect the community nearby.

The DIBP reports are submitted on an annual basis, today it has been shown to media. It has shown success and significant improvement since the integration of the services provided by ACBPS.

To give you some background the ABF that is Australian Border Force was established in 2015. It works under the command of ACBPS and helps in operations. Immigrant detention and other important functions are performed by them.

The report has shown that both the department’s dealing with border have shown improvement and effectiveness in controlling the border.

In the past year, the Department of DIBP has issued more than 7 million temporary visas. The ABF processed about 40 million international air and sea travels. The amazing fact is that more than 88 percent of these were cleared through the border in just less than 30 minutes.

This is a record service in which more than seven million arrivals and departure were conducted. This is quite a remarkable achievement by the DIBP an ABF.

Furthermore, the authorities have fastened the process by rolling out the smart gates. This help to less intrusive, fast border processing and low-risk travel. Department reports show that they also delivered 189000 places through PM program and delivered 17555 places through Humanitarian program. More than 3700 visas were issued for additional 12000 humanitarians placed for refugees from Iraq and Syria.

The DIBP and ABF have worked and facilitated trade, goods, through ATT that is Australian Trusted Trade program. It boosted the trade facilitation and industrial self-compliances. The department has managed to supply goods with the collaboration of ABF. From sea cargo to air mails the ABF and DIBP worked effectively patrolling and managing the borders. The report shows improved result as compared to past year.

The illegal work and other issues were tackled systematically by ABF. The ABF worked against organized fraud, illegal work, and exploitation of foreign workers in Australia. Also, the ABF worked with international border controlling bodies as well. Intercepting on drugs and other illegal medicines. The report shows how good the DIBP and ABF worked this year. It shows that Australian border controlling department and force have worked hard to keep the community safe and secure.

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