Tourists can Apply for 10-Year Multiple Entry Visa to Australia

The tourists or travelers planning to visit Australia from next month onwards will be to apply for 10-year multiple entry visa. China plays a vital role in the growing Australia’s tourism market with more than 1 million visitors in the previous year. Chinese citizens spent an average of $6000 per visit accounting to a total of $6.5 billions of economic activity in last year whereas the other international tourists spent $3000 on an average.

With these 10-year multiple entry visas, the visitors are not permitted to work but can stay up to three months on a single visit and can visit for multiple times. There are several countries like Canada and the US that offer 10-year multiple entry visas to the Chinese citizens, now Australia as well. Economists explain the move as an important message to the country’s biggest trading partner.

There is a huge demand for Australian products in China that include from food to wine and Australia’s Tourism expects that the new visas will help to make it much more.

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