Tax and Immigration Departments in Australia Under Threats of Hacks- Report Says

The department of immigration and the office in charge of taxes in Australia have failed to correctly insulate themselves from foreign hackers despite assuring the country of its desire to enforce necessary security measures by the end of the previous year.

The national audit department in Australia on Wednesday made available a report on the cybersecurity of the current administration, which scrutinised the immigration department and border security, the tax records office of Australia, and the department of human resources carefully.

It discovered that all three departments were open to domestic hacks, which includes the unpermitted release of information and security breaks.

The only department of all three to have solid insulations from foreign hacks was the Department of Human Resources, of which Centre link is a part of.

The department was found to have carried out significant steps to ensure a cyber-impervious system, or at the very least, provide a platform on which normal operations can be performed even in the face of an attack of a hack.

The other two departments, the tax department and immigration office which contains a vast array of highly relevant information about citizens of the country, were not properly insulated against attacks from both within the country and external hacks, the nation audit department disclosed to journalists.

“All three bodies retrieve, keep and manipulate data, which includes information relating to national security and information about individuals that could be used in their identification, location or used to get in contact with them should the need arise.

Data such as date of birth, bank account number and details, biometric information, tax file number and driver’s license,” the audit disclosed.

“Not carrying out your activities in an environment that adequately provides you insulation against hacks and attack puts all of your actions and data at high risk, and it could have a significant adverse effect on the people of Australia and other investors and shareholders in the country.”

The report released on Wednesday was a sequel to an equally important audit made available in the year 2014, which carefully examined seven government bodies and found that no one amongst the four had correctly put in place a preventive measure against hacks and external attacks.

The government of Australia in 2013 mandated that its agencies and ministries put measures in place to secure their data. It listed a “top four” strategy plan which is patching operating systems, patching applications, application whitelisting and lowering of administrative privileges.

Immigration department, the human resource department and the tax office all assures to put in place all four plans by the end of 2016.

Although all have made significant progress, the chief in charge of auditing in the country has singled out only the department of human resources to have thoroughly followed and implemented the laid out strategies.

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