Immigration Changes To Enter Australia

If you have been considering your options of moving to Australia to continue the life you know you deserve, you may need to think again. Life in Australia can be fairly idyllic, no doubt about that.

The universal healthcare, comparatively high minimum wages, slow-paced and leisurely lifestyle are all reasons that so many people seek out opportunities to immigrate to Australia.

However, those eager individuals may soon find themselves struggling with some changing rules around immigration into this island nation. As the attitudes and ideologies about inviting immigrants into western nations continues to change, immigrants are finding it significantly hard to make decisions about what counties they should look into immigrating to.

The recent issues in Western Australia around visa and immigration scams are putting much stronger spotlights onto the immigration process in this nation.

And, while this is no problem for those who are legally trying to immigrate to Australia, it can definitely mean that the process may take longer as more background checks will need to be carried out in light of the crackdown on illegal immigration activities.

Early in March 2017, the Australian Border Force (ABF) worked alongside the Western Australia Police, the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) and the Australian Federal Police (AFP)to conduct a sweep to highlight illegal immigration activities.

This sweep resulted in the creation of a large taskforce in Western Australia focused on targeting labour hire intermediaries and employers suspected of exploiting foreign workers.

Therefore, those hoping to immigrate legally to Australia need not worry, but it should be made clear that there will be strong repercussions that are sure to come about as a result of this task force's findings. Suffice it to say that the immigration process may take even longer than it already does, as the proper vetting of visas, individuals backgrounds and employers offering working visas are all legitimate and above-board.

This is being done as much for the safety and well-being of those immigrating into Australia.

Of the fifty non-citizens who were detained by the above mentioned raid in Western Australia, forty-five of them are now detained in immigration’s custody.

This is a poignant reminder that pursuing immigration through legal visas and working rights is the only way to properly immigrate to any country, and especially Australia. Making sure that organisations handling visa preparations and submitting relevant paperwork are legitimate organisations is the best step to ensuring that one’s immigration to Australia is as painless as possible.

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