The Australian government has relaxed rules for foreign pilots working in the country. The government is now issuing a two-year long visa due to a pilot shortage. The number has shrunk so much that the government fears there will be delays and cancellations if action not taken soon. Australia has a list of occupations that are eligible for getting a work permit, and it canceled the profession of pilots out of it in April. But concerning the shortage, the government has included the profession into the list once again. Peter Dutton, Immigration Minister of Australia, is currently in talks with the government to increase the work visa limit from two years to four years. Mike Higgins, chief executive officer, Regional Aviation Association of Australia, said that to attract suitable foreign pilots with experience, you need to do something more to attract them. They have a growing family and would want to bring them to Australia as well. He said that the four-year work permit would be the best and most efficient way to attract them. Anthony Albanese, an official from the opposition party, said that this only shows how inefficiently Australian government has handled its aviation industry. He said that Australia should not only produce pilots to fly domestic carriers but also attract students from around the world and produce expert pilots. When these foreign pilots hired by carriers from all around the world, it will fund the Australian economy.

Ownership of ports

Albanese also discussed Australian taking over foreign ports, since most of the ports in Western Australia owned by Chinese people. He feels that the government should make it a priority to see that most ports and airports in Australia owned by Australians. Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, Liberal Party senator, said that the previous Labor party should also be held responsible for the pilot shortage as it is a long-standing problem.

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