The entire world is fighting against North Korea while the Australian government is giving them temporary work visas. In the last five years, the Australian government has provided almost 200 visas to North Koreans. In this one year itself, the government gave 25 visas to North Koreans. And the first question that will come to your mind is, why? And surprisingly, the government has only denied 25 visas in the past five years. Surprised, aren't you? Just recently, around three weeks ago a man from Sydney for being a broker between North Korea and Australians back home and discussing with them about supplying weapons for mass destruction. The man is named Chan Han Choi and has strong connections in the North Korean military. He was involved in transporting oil and coal and also giving military advice to North Korea. In the past, Choi was accused of selling missile components including software of the missiles. Shayne Neumann, Australia's Shadow Immigration Minister, asked Kim Carr, Labor Senator, to get information from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection on the number of visas granted to North Koreans. The types of visas issued to North Koreans include Temporary Resident (skilled), Student, Skilled Independent Visas, Visitor Visa, and Temporary Resident (other) in the past one year.  The Department of Immigration and Border Protection clearly said that the visas were granted when they met certain public interest criteria. What are these specific criteria? It goes without saying that it is difficult for a North Korean to get a visa of any country. To get an Australian visa, they need to pass tests of national security, weapons of mass destruction proliferation, foreign policy interests, and character. Recently, when Australia joined the US and South Korea to fight against North Korea, the country's capital, Pyongyang, said that if they do so, the country will have to go through terrible days. Let's see how this carries on. We can only hope and pray for a good and warless future.

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