New Migrants Have to Settle in Rural Areas Only

New Australian Immigrants May Be Restricted To Rural Areas

The government of Australia has revealed that there has been a proposal to stop new foreigners migrating to the country from living within the regions of Melbourne and Sydney. These two cities are the largest and most congested cities in the country. The Population Minister, Alan Tudge stated that the strategy is designed to discongest these areas and simultaneously boost regional zones. He said that the Australian government might come up with visa conditions that would restrict the settlement of new immigrants for about five years. This new proposal has however raised questions among some experts who asked about how enforceable and effective the notion would be.

The Need for Restriction in Settlement

Australia has a massive population of over 25 million people. The cities of Melbourne and Sydney contain an alarming fraction of about two-fifths of the nation’s population, hence an urgent need for population control. The World Bank has it that although Australia ranks 77th in the global population rate, the nation is, however, one of the high ranking countries among the OECD nations as it rose by 1.6% just last year. One major source of population growth as mentioned by the Australian Government has been through migration, and most of these immigrants settle in Melbourne, South-East Queensland and in Sydney. The results have been largely seen in infrastructural problems in Melbourne and Sydney. If the issue of congestion thrives till 2030, these two cities might then expect to have a whopping eight million occupants within its borders.

What is the opinion of the government?

The population minister, Mr. Tudge had said on Tuesday that even if a little number of new immigrants is made to reside in smaller regions and states, the pressure mounted on the big cities would be greatly reduced. He noted that currently, the proposal is not very comprehensive, but the visa can be made to accommodate a geographical requirement that is for a few numbers of years. The geographical requirement would however not affect immigrants who come based on a visa sponsored by an employer or for a family reunion. He also said that there would be other incentives to motivate these immigrants to stay in those areas. The labor opposition was in support of the new proposition but showed concern in the fact that it wasn’t detailed.

How effective would this proposal be?

Experts in Immigration and Population aired their views to the public, absolutely stating that the approach of restriction in a settlement would not essentially solve the problem of congestion in the cities. Professor Jock Collins told BBC that there is an impending need to send the immigrants to new locations, but these locations must settle their needs for employment, which is the most pressing issue to be considered. Professor Peter McDonald from the University of Melbourne said that the issue was beyond migration. He said that Australia as a whole has been slow in taking the necessary steps to set up the needed infrastructure for a continually growing population. Roman Quaedvlieg, a former Border Force Chief of Australia showed concern on the possibility of enforcing this policy. Professor Jock Collins, however, mentioned that based on research, migrants have really thrived in small communities with good jobs. Stay connected to VisaNews to remain updated on latest visa news from Australia, Canada, Europe, the UK, and USA!

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