Immigration to Australia Continues to Surge as ABS Release April Figures

Immigration to Australia Continues to Surge as ABS Release April Figures

Visitors’ arrivals and departures figure for April have been released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and it is apparent that immigration into Australia is still maintaining its pace.

Concerns have been expressed in several quarters about the rate of immigration Australia allows in recent years, partly due to the issues faced by the country's biggest cities - Sydney, Melbourne Gold Coast among others - and the government of the country has promised, as revealed by Home Office Secretary Peter Dutton and Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, David Coleman, that it will reduce the rate of arrivals.

Going by the latest figure released by ABS showing arrivals from April 2018 to April 2019, it is obvious that immigration is still on the surge in the country implying a few things - the government has not made its move; the move is still quite in the early stage and will deliver later or the move has not been effective.

Further Increases Expected

843,950 permanent and long-term arrivals were recorded by Australia in the year to April 2019, representing a 5 percent increase in comparison to April 2018 figures. The number of permanent and long-term departures stood at 551,670. The difference between the arrivals and departures recorded in the year to April 2019 is 292,280, a figure that is close to doubling the country's 42-year average of 155,091 net permanent and long-term arrivals.

An important clue from the statistics is the strong correlation between net long-term arrivals recorded on a monthly basis by ABS and the lagging quarterly ABS net overseas migration (NOM), suggesting a surge in NOM. Official projections have it that NOM would increase over four years, but the estimates could once again be smashed if the monthly arrivals data is anything to go by.

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