Your Chance to Migrate to Australia: New Skilled Occupation Lists Announced

Australia has introduced some major revisions to its immigration system, including qualified occupations for temporary and permanent immigration. According to the Department of Home Affairs, the adjustments made to the Skilled Workers List are such that the admission of Skilled Foreigners to Australia will be in close relation to the needs of the country. David Coleman said that the Government of Australia had organized its Immigration program in a way that it focuses on the available job vacancies in the country and initiatives that are similar to this one show seriousness on the part of the government. In the modified list for the Australian Skilled Occupation, 18 new occupations have been added to the list of regional occupations. Some of these occupations include aquaculture, beef, crop, dairy, sheep and livestock farmers. There is also a scarcity of workers in the category of anesthetist and dentistry; hence they have been added to the list. The list for Medium and Long Term Skills has been increased by an addition of 36 new jobs. Mr. David Coleman mentioned that the amendment will be a welcome development for the farmers who have been affected by the drought, and the regional communities. He further explained that for Australian farmers to remain in production, they need foreign workers to fill in the vacancies that have not already been occupied by Australians. Through the Regional Occupation List, the Australian employers can sponsor a foreign worker who is going to work and live in any specified region of Australia for up to four years. The Federal Government went ahead to arrange a permanent residence pathway for these Skilled Workers with requirements like language Proficiency, salary and work experience. The changes made only covers new applicants, old and existing applicants will not be affected. Alterations have also been made towards the privilege of assessing authorities for some occupations.

New jobs included in the Regional Occupation List

18 new jobs have been included in the Regional Occupation List for Australia. They include:
  1. Anesthetist
  2. Aquaculture Farmer
  3. Cotton Grower
  4. Beef Cattle Farmer
  5. Dentist
  6. Crop Farmers nec
  7. Dairy Cattle Farmer
  8. Deer Farmer
  9. Goat Farmer
  10. Livestock Farmer
  11. Mixed Crop Farmer
  12. Mixed Livestock Farmer
  13. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmer
  14. Nut or Fruit Grower
  15. Pasture, Oilseed or Grain grower/ Field Crop grower
  16. Pig Farmer
  17. Sugar Cane Grower
  18. Sheep Farmer

Occupations added to the list of Medium and Long Term Skilled Jobs

  1. Arts Manager
  2. Artistic Director
  3. Biochemists
  4. Chemist
  5. Biotechnologist
  6. Botanists
  7. Choreographer or Dancer
  8. Conservator
  9. Economist
  10. Environmental Consultant
  11. Environmental Researcher
  12. Environmental Scientist nec
  13. Footballer
  14. Environmental Manager
  15. Engineering Professions nec
  16. Food Technologist
  17. Geophysicist
  18. Horse Trainers
  19. Hydrogeologist
  20. Life Scientist
  21. Life Scientists nec
  22. Marine Biologist
  23. Metallurgist
  24. Meteorologist
  25. Microbiologist
  26. Mining Engineer
  27. Multimedia Specialist
  28. Music Director
  29. Musician
  30. Natural and Physical Scientists nec
  31. Petroleum Engineer
  32. Software Application Programmers nec
  33. Statistician
  34. Tennis Coach
  35. University Lecturers
  36. Zoologist

Jobs removed from the Short Term Skill Shortage list

Also, over 27 occupations have been taken out of the list of jobs in the short term skill shortage.
  1. Anesthetist
  2. Artistic Director
  3. Arts Manager
  4. Aquaculture Farmer
  5. Beef Cattle Farmer
  6. Chemical Plant Operator
  7. Clothing, Footwear and Textile Mechanic
  8. Crop Farmers nec
  9. Cotton Grower
  10. Dairy Cattle Farmer
  11. Dancer
  12. Dentist
  13. Footballer
  14. Fruit or Nut Grower
  15. Library Technician
  16. Livestock Farmers nec
  17. Mixed Crop Farmer
  18. Pig Farmer
  19. Mixed Crop and Livestock Farmers
  20. Visual Artist
  21. Mixed Livestock Farmer
  22. Music Director
  23. Pasture, Grain or Oilseed Grower
  24. Registered and Confirmed Statement of Explanation
  25. Sheep Farmer
  26. Sugar Cane Grower
  27. Watch and Clock Repairer/ Maker
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