Australia strategic Implementation 457 Visa change shifts focus of Visa grants to immigrants

With the commencement of a new fiscal year happening in many countries around the globe, the Australian territory is witnessing a significant shift in its announcement to refrain the use of 457 Visa to employ foreign workers. Instead, a test taking system which measures English proficiency at higher levels shall be offered.

Australian PM Mr Turnbull made this news Viral with a statement saying, “We will no longer allow 457 visas to be passports to jobs that could and should go to Australians. We’re putting jobs first, and we’re putting Australians first.”

In the past, the language ability provisions for English were not that stringent wherein  457 Visa which was provided to immigrants who were skilled in the relevant job profiles for a tenure of 4 yrs. The duration of this visa has temporarily been shortened to 2 yrs to replace the currently employed workers with similar professionals from Australia. This step taken would cut around 200 Visas from a total 650 issued Visas.

The coming months will also see similar trends as the citizenship law shall also be revised in the wake of political drama happening across the globe. The government of China has also stated that travelling to Australia will see tougher times down the line.

This news comes as a boon in disguise to the nations where English proficiency is at its peak. Indian officials have also welcomed this change as proprietary to have the skilled immigrants from India travelling to Australia. Still, as the coin is two facet the futuristic goals for Australian Visa Immigration is still uncertain with Immigration policies to be restricted so as to reap economic benefits to Australia.

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