Australia sets new policy for parents Visa

Immigration minister from Australia Mr. Peter Dutton has spoken after recommendation were made by the commission, he said that there would be policy changes for family visas. The fees for a family visa will also be increased recommended by the commission. A report has been published after the commission in which they made a recommendation to the government to increase visa fees for parent’s visa. The report stated that currently, the fee is $50,000 which is very small to taxpayers’ money. But the parents cost the state around $335000 each. Also, every year 7000 people come to Australia. They come under family visa programs. They get benefits from Australia welfare program, but they pay very less when compared. The government wants them to pay more tax. We need to make an adjustment in our system which is very complex, Said Mr. Dutton. “Our system is complex and needs updating to fulfill our requirements.” “There is an increase in travelers; we should work to simplify and reform the system and make it better so we can work on these issues.” “The cost for families of those on skilled workers visa were good, but there needs a refinement.” Every year we prepare 130000 places for skilled persons to come to Australia as Permanent residence. In the future, we will need to create an environment to manage and work on it. As compared to that there are only 60000 places every year available for Australian families. There is a big difference in these numbers. We have to adjust this difference because in the coming years it will have a big impact on the overall situation. On the other side, it shows that there is great potential for newcomers in Australia. If you have skills and have the experience, you can achieve a lot in Australia.

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