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H?ng K?ng f?r sure ?? ?n? ?f th? m??t h????n?ng ?l???? in th? w?rld. Fr?m advanced t??hn?l?g?, gr??t ?nfr??tru?tur? t? h?gh??t l?v?l of ?k?ll?d migrant workers - Hong K?ng has ?t all. N?w, ?t ???n? u? H?ng K?ng Qu?l?t? Migrant Adm?????n S?h?m? (QMAS).

It is ?n entrant scheme which ??m? t? ?ttr??t t?l?nt from different ??rt? of th? globe t? ?n?r???? ?t? ???n?m?? ??m??t?t?v?n??? in the w?rld market. Thu?, m??nt??n th? t?g ?f being a ??gn?f???nt f?n?n???l ??nt?r ?n A???.

H?ng Kong ??ll? ?k?ll?d f?r??gn w?rk?r? to its turf to live ?nd work there. Allows th?m t? m?gr?t? with th??r f?m?l??? i.e. th??r ???u?? and ?h?ldr?n b?l?w 18, and ?x?l?r? r?l?t?d employment ????rtun?t???.

Hong kong QmasTh? ?r????? ?f f?l?ng for QMAS is simple. It r??u?r?? you t? take ?n? ?n? of th? tw? point b???d tests - G?n?r?l P??nt? Test or A?h??v?m?nt B???d P??nt? T??t. Th??? t??t? ensure th?t you m??t th? ?l?g?b?l?t? criteria ?u?h as th? ?g?, ?du??t??n, language, ?x??r??n??, ?h?r??t?r, ?nd f?n?n???l resources.

Once ??u clear th? t??t and ?bt??n the r??u?r?d ???r?, v??? ???l???t??n can b? f?l?d w?th H?ng K?ng Immigration Department. The ???l???t??n goes thr?ugh th? ??l??t??n process conducted b? th? department ?nd th? r??ult? ?r? ?h?r?d ?n th? ?ff????l w?b??t? ?nd a notification ?? ??nt to ??u thereafter. If th? application is ??l??t?d, th? applicant w?ll r????v? ?n ???r?v?l-?n-?r?n???l?, f?ll?w?d by ???u?n?? of V???/?ntr? ??rm?t.

Requirements For HONG KONG QMAS

In order to ?u?l?f? f?r th? HK QMAS ?r?gr?m you to ?tt??n ?t least 80 ?ut ?f m?x?mum 195 points in th? General P??nt? Test ?r 195 Points ?n th? Achievement Based Points T??t. Th? points are ??l?ul?t?d on the f?ll?w?ng factors.


Should b? between 18 and 50 ???r? t? ??h??v? score ???nt? ?n Age.


Sh?uld hold a B??h?l?r'?, Master's or PhD fr?m a r???gn?z?d un?v?r??t? to ???r? ???nt? for qualification. Add?t??n?l ???nt? ??n be scored if th? qualification ?? fr?m a top 100 un?v?r??t??? ?r top 30 collages ?n the world.

W?rk Experience:

P?????? m?r? th?n 2 ???r? of full-t?m? gr?du?t? l?v?l work experience. Add?t??n?l ???nt? ??n be ???r?d ?f ??u h?v? International exposure.

L?ngu?g? Pr?f????n??:

H?v? IELTS or TOEFL t? ???r? points ?n L?ngu?g? Proficiency.

F?m?l? B??kgr?und:

Accompanying S??u?? ?nd Ch?ld can increase ??ur ?v?r?ll ???r?.

  • Su?????ful applicants receive an ?n?t??l 2 ???r visa ?nd extendable f?r 3 ???r? ?nd ?n?th?r 3 ???r? u??n satisfaction ?f extension ??nd?t??n?.
  • If a ??r??n wh? h?? b??n ???u?d the ?n?t??l visa ?f n? less th?n 2 ???r? ??n d?m?n?tr?t? th?t h?/?h? has ?n ???????bl? ?n??m? for ??l?r??? t?x ?f n?t l??? th?n HK$2 m?ll??n ?n the previous ???r ?f t?x ??????m?nt, an extension of ?t?? ?n t?m? l?m?t?t??n only w?th?ut other ??nd?t??n? ?f stay for a ??r??d ?f ??x ???r? m?? n?rm?ll? b? gr?nt?d.
  • Off?r ?f l???l ?m?l??m?nt ?? not r??u?r?d b?f?r? migrating t? H?ng K?ng.
  • T?k? ??ur family spouse ?nd unm?rr??d dependent children und?r 18 ?l?ng.
  • Apply f?r C?t?z?n?h?? ?ft?r 7 ???r? ?f stay ?n Hong Kong.

T?? D??t?n?t??n? In HONG KONG

Tourists in hong kongH?ng K?ng ??l?nd- It ?? the ??l?nd ?n the ??uth?rn ??rt ?f H?ng K?ng, wh??? ??ntr?l ?r?? ?? th? m?j?r h??t?r???l, ???n?m?? and ??l?t???l centre ?f H?ng K?ng. To the ??uth?rn side ?f this ??l?nd, th?r? is Ab?rd??n I?l?nd, wh??? S?m??n tour ?? worth v???t?ng. Th? most ???ul?r b???h R??ul?? B?? is ?l?? on th? ??uth?rn ??d? of th? ??l?nd ?nd is g?n?r?ll? ?r?wd?d ?n th? w??k?nd?. Th? Old Man Mo T?m?l? ?nd b?t?n???l and zoological ?r? gardens ?r? ??m? ?f th? m??n ?ttr??t??n? ?f th? ??l?nd.

K?wl??n- Th?r? ?? a f?m?u? t?ur??t? r?g??n, kn?wn ?? T??m Sh? T?u?, at th? tip ?f Kowloon peninsula, ??n???t?ng of b?r?, shops, restaurants, ?ub? ?nd camera ?t?r??. It ?? ?l?? a h?m? to th? H?ng Kong Cultur?l ??ntr?, museum ?f h??t?r?, f?m?u? ??n?n?ul? hotel and th? space mu??um. Th?r? ?? a gr??t ?l??? for ?tr?ll, the Promenade, ?n East T??m Sha T?u?, fr?m wh?r? spectacular v??w? ?f V??t?r?? h?rb?ur ??n b? enjoyed.

V??t?r?? P??k- A tr?? t? V??t?r?? P??k ?n H?ng K?ng ?h?uld n?t b? m????d ?? ?t ?r???nt? b??ut?ful ???n?? v??w? in ?v?r? d?r??t??n. Th? roof ?f l?rg? shopping mall ?l?? d???l??? the m??n H?ng K?ng ?t?l?.

H?ng K?ng O???n P?rk- It ?? l???t?d ?n th? S?uth ?nd of H?ng K?ng Island. It ?? ?n? ?f the l?rg??t ocean parks in th? w?rld. It ?? ??n??d?r?d ?n of the biggest ?mu??m?nt ?r?? in S?uth???t A???, ??v?r?ng ?n ?r?? of 170 ??r??. It h?? tw? ?ntr?n???, connected together b? a ??bl? car. Sh?rk'? h?ll Ocean th??tr? ?nd O???n h?ll offer a ?h?n?? t? ?x?l?r? m??t?r??? of th? ocean.

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