Germany Job Seeker V???

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If your are ?l?nn?ng t? ???l? f?r th? Germany j?b seeker visa h?r? ?? th? list ?f documents ??u n??d t? ?r???r? before you ??n ?ubm?t ??ur ???? ?n ?n? G?rm?n ??n?ul?t? worldwide. Th? ?nf?rm?t??n can v?r? f?r candidate depending upon th? country ???l??ng.

R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r G?rm?n? J?b S??k?r V???

germany job seeker visa

  1. V?l?d passport with at l???t tw? empty ??g??.
  2. Application form & d??l?r?t??n? dul? signed.
  3. Copy of your ??????rt’? data ??g?. (A4 ??z? ????)
  4. Cover letter from ???l???nt ?x?l??n?ng th? exact purpose. (If un?u?????ful in j?b Search ?n Germany)
  5. C?ur?? of action (Motivational Letter) Y?ur ?l?n t? f?nd employment (M??t Im??rt?nt! Avail the experience of hHELIOS and increase ??ur ?h?n???)– Dur?t??n of ??ur stay ?n G?rm?n?– A? w?ll ?? further career ?l?n? should.
  6. Pr??f ?f academic qualification. (fr?m a German un?v?r??t? or ??u?v?l?nt t? a G?rm?n) (M??t Im??rt?nt! hHELIOS ??n g?t th? ??u?v?l?n?? f?r you from Germany)
  7. P?r??n?l CV ??nt??n?ng full d?t??l ?b?ut ??ur ?du??t??n ?nd employment h??t?r?.
  8. Pr?v??u? w?rk experience certificates f?r future ?m?l??m?nt ?n G?rm?n?.
  9. Proof ?f accommodation in Germany Hotel / Y?uth Hostel / H??t?l B??k?ng– If staying with a fr??nd or r?l?t?v?, sponsorship letter in G?rm?n ?? “V?r?fl??htung??rklärung”. (Onl? ?f possible)
  10. Pr??f ?f f?n?n???l m??n? t? cover th? ???t? for the time ?f your stay b? ?n? ?f th? f?ll?w?ng d??um?nt?:– “Verpflichtungserklärung” sponsorship by ???n??r l?v?ng ?n G?rm?n?. OR– Bank account ?n Germany ?r a bl??k?d account ?n Germany.

G?rm?n? EU Blu? C?rd

EU Blue CardA Eur????n Un??n D?r??t?v? from 2009 set terms and ??nd?t??n? to ?ll?w ??rt??n h?ghl? ?u?l?f??d ?nd skilled ??t?z?n? of n?n-EU ??untr??? t? more ????l? ?bt??n residence/work ??rm?t? ?n ??rt??n EU member countries. In Augu?t 2012 th? G?rm?n g?v?rnm?nt f?n?l?z?d l?g??l?t??n th?t ?ut th?? directive into practice.

R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r G?rm?n? EU Blue C?rd

  • To ?u?l?f? for the Blue C?rd ?n ???l???nt must h?v? a university ?r college d?gr?? and an employment ??ntr??t w?th a G?rm?n company th?t ???? a ??l?r? of ?t l???t €49,600 per ???r
  • To qualify for the Blue Card an applicant must have a German ?r ?n ???r?d?t?d f?r??gn ?r a university d?gr?? th?t ?? comparable t? a German one.B?n?f?t? Of Germany EU Blu? Card

Th? EU Blue C?rd ?? a temporary r?ght ?f residence and ??n be u??d foa a m?x?mum ?f 4 ???r?. Th? Blu? C?rd is ???u?d for the duration of th? ?m?l??m?nt contract plus three months.

P???l? wh? h?v? an EU Blue C?rd ??n be gr?nt?d a ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis) under f???l?t?t?d ??nd????n?.

Th? ??rm?n?nt r???d?n?? ??rm?t ?nt?tl?? to ?n? k?nd ?f ???u??t??n.

If ??u want t? l?v? ?n another ??untr? after t? get a EU Blue C?rd f?r G?rm?n?, ??u'v? to apply f?r a EU Blue Card to the ?th?r ??untr? ??u w?nt t? l?v? and work.

The f?m?l? a EU Blue Card holder will r????v? r???d?n?? ??rm?t? ?n Germany, but n?t w?rk ??rm?????n.

F?m?l? m?mb?r? of a Blu? C?rd holder are allowed an unr??tr??t?d r?ght t? work in G?rm?n?. S??u??? d? n?t h?v? to ????k G?rm?n to join th? Blu? C?rd h?ld?r ?n the ??untr?.

G?rm?n? S?h?ng?n V??? R??u?r?m?nt?
  1. C?m?l?t?d ???l???t??n form ?n English and G?rm?n ?nl?
  2. P?????rt size ?h?t?gr??h? (??? v??? photo r??u?r?m?nt? f?r details)
  3. Valid national ??????rt
  4. B?nk ?t?t?m?nt? for th? last thr?? m?nth?
  5. C?nf?rm?t??n letter fr?m ??ur health ?n?ur?n?? stating ??v?r?g? f?r ?m?rg?n?? medical treatment w?th a minimum of €30,000
  6. R?f?r?n?? letter fr?m ??ur employer
  7. Pr??f of group tr?v?l/h?t?l reservation/airline r???rv?t??n ?nd ?n? copy
  8. Y?ur driver’s license and/or utility b?ll ?n ??ur n?m? ?? ?r??f ?f r???d?n?? ?n th? ??n?ul?r wh?r? ??u plan t? ???l? f?r th? visa

R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r G?rm?n? Entrepreneur V???

  • Entr??r?n?ur? mu?t h?v? a strong Bu??n??? Plan with a superior ???n?m?? m?t?v?.
  • Sufficient Investment w?th a ?tr?ng bu??n??? ?d?? and Investors h?v?ng past entrepreneurial success and ?x??r??n??.
  • The business ?? ???ur?l? f?n?n??d with ?wn ????t?l or ?r?d?t ???r?v?l and should be tr?n?f?r?bl? anytime.
  • Past Entr??r?n?ur??l ?x??r??n?? and bu??n??? ??nt??t? in G?rm?n? w?ll ?n?r???? th? ?h?n??? t? g?t a r???d?n?? ??rm?t.
  • Meet r??u?r?m?nt? ?f an ?nn?v?t?v? business plan ?.?., ?ntr?du?? a un??u? ?nd n?w ?r?du?t or service t? the international m?rk?t?.T?? Attr??t??n? In G?rm?n?

Germany tourists

1. Ed?t?r'? P??kB?rl?n'? Br?nd?nburg Gate

Modeled ?n th? A?r???l?? ?n Ath?n? ?nd bu?lt for K?ng Fr?d?r??k William II in 1791, th? m?num?nt?l ??nd?t?n? Brandenburg G?t? ?n Berlin's M?tt? d??tr??t w?? the ??t?'? f?r?t N???l??????l ?tru?tur?. M???ur?ng ?n impressive 26-m?t?r? ?n h??ght - including th? ????t??ul?r four-horse chariot perched ?t?? - ?t? six hug? columns ?n each side ?f th? ?tru?tur? f?rm five ?m?r????v? ?????g??: four w?r? u??d by r?gul?r traffic, wh?l? the center w?? r???rv?d f?r the r???l ??rr??g??. Huge D?r?? columns ?l?? d???r?t? th? tw? buildings ?t ???h ??d? ?f th? G?t?, once used b? toll-collectors ?nd gu?rd?. Und?ubt?dl? Berlin's m??t iconic ?tru?tur?, ?t was ?l?? ?n?? part of th? ?nf?m?u? B?rl?n W?ll ?nd f?r a f?w decades was ??mb?l?? ?f th? division ?f B?rl?n ?nt? E??t ?nd West.

2. C?l?gn? C?th?dr?l (Kölner Dom)

Th? t?w?r?ng C?th?dr?l of St. Peter and St. M?r?, Kölner Dom, ?n th? banks ?f th? Rh?n? is Cologne's m??t ?m?r????v? landmark. Th?? m??t?r????? ?f H?gh G?th?? ?r?h?t??tur?, one of th? l?rg??t cathedrals ?n Eur???, w?? begun ?n 1248 ?nd w?? th? most ?mb?t??u? bu?ld?ng project ?f th? M?ddl? Ag??. As ?m????ng ?? ?t? f?ç?d?, its m?gn?f???nt ?nt?r??r ??v?r? an ?r?? ?f 6,166 ??u?r? m?t?r? and b???t? 56 hug? pillars. Ab?v? th? h?gh altar ?? the Reliquary ?f the Thr?? K?ng?, a 12th-century w?rk ?f art ?n gold d???gn?d by Nicholas of Verdun to house th? relics ?f th? Thr?? Kings br?ught h?r? fr?m M?l?n. Oth?r highlights ?n?lud? the panoramic views fr?m th?S?uth T?w?r?, th? 12th- ?nd 13th-??ntur? stained gl??? ?n th? Thr?? Kings Chapel, ?nd th?Tr???ur? w?th its m?n? precious ?bj??t?. 3. The Bl??k F?r??t Th? b??ut?ful Bl??k F?r??t w?th ?t? d?rk, d?n??l?-w??d?d hills ?? ?n? ?f the m??t v???t?d upland r?g??n? ?n Europe. In the ??uthw??t?rn ??rn?r ?f G?rm?n? ?nd extending 160 k?l?m?t?r? fr?m Pforzheim ?n the north to Waldshut on th? High Rh?n? ?n the south, ?t'? a h?k?r'? h??v?n. On the west side, ?t descends ?t???l? t? th? Rh?n? crossed b? lu?h valleys, while on th? east ?t slopes more g?ntl? d?wn to the u???r N??k?r and D?nub? v?ll???. Popular ???t? ?n?lud? Germany's oldest ?k? area ?t Todtnau, the m?gn?f???nt ??? f???l?t??? ?f B?d?n-B?d?n, ?nd th? ?ttr??t?v? resort of B?d L??b?nz?ll. Other highlights include the ????t??ul?r Bl??k F?r??t Railway ??nt?r?d ?n Triberg w?th its f?m?u? f?ll?, ?nd Triberg itself, h?m? to the Bl??k Forest O??n A?r Mu??um.

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