Good news for International students today, Australian Government is set to change the current student visa framework this year. This is great news for all the international students who wants to study in Australia. The framework will replace the current SVP that is Streamlined Visa Processing including Assessment Level arrangements.

The current system has three level of assessments; it bases on the origin of country and education sector in which student want to study. Level represents student immigration risk from low to very high. Level one students have a lowest possible chance of immigration risk while level three student have the highest possible chance of immigration risk. These assessment levels are structured to get sufficient proof of applicant requirements for the visa. If they are in level one assessment, then there will be less amount of evidence required to support visa application if the student is in assessment level three, then more evidence will be needed. Students eligibility for SVP is crucial. If a student is not eligible, then there is zero chance of visa acceptance. If a student qualifies for the processing, then he/she will go through the process under these three level as per old framework. In this regard, student enrollment is also vital for higher studies in Australia. Students must get confirmation of Enrolment for any higher education program. New Student visa framework named as simplified student visa framework (SSVP) will be implemented this year. It will replace the SVP framework currently in use. This is the simplified version of SVP, and in this context, there will be just two student visa subclasses as compared to SVP where there are eight subclasses for student visa removing the three-level assessment framework. The fundamental difference between the SVP and SSVP is that with the new framework, Student proof to support their application will depend on upon their country of origin and education provider, rather than education sector student want to study in Australia.

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