• Germany Job Seeker V???

    Posted on : 01 Apr 2016  |  Category: Assessment , Skilled Immigration ,
    If your are ?l?nn?ng t? ???l? f?r th? Germany j?b seeker visa h?r? ?? th? list ?f documents ??u n??d t? ?r???r? before you ??n ?ubm?t ??ur ???? ?n ?n? G?rm?n ??n?ul?t? worldwide. Th? ?nf?rm?t??n can v?r? f?r candidate depending upon th? country ???l??ng. R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r G?rm?n? J?b S??k?r V??? Read More
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  • Immigrate to Denmark

    Posted on : 01 Apr 2016  |  Category: Immigration Countries ,
    R?qu?r?m?nt F?r D?nm?rk Student Visa Passport R?qu?r?m?nt?: Original, signed ??????rt valid f?r 6 m?nth? b???nd ?t?? in D?nm?rk, w?th at least tw? bl?nk ??????rt pages available ?lu? ??l?r photocopies ?f every page of th? ??????rt. Amendment ??g?? in th? b??k ?f th? ??????rt ?r? n?t ?u?t?bl? f?r D?n??h v????. Th? ??????rt mu?t h?v? been ???u?d w?th?n the ???t 10 ???r?. Read More
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  • R?qu?r?m?nt? F?r C?n?d? F?d?r?l Sk?ll?d W?rk?r Pr?gr?m

    Posted on : 30 Mar 2016  |  Category: Assessment , Skilled Immigration ,
    Sk?ll?d Work Experience Y?ur w?rk ?x??r??n?? must b?: At least one year (1,560 hours t?t?l / 30 hours ??r week), ??nt?nu?u? full-time ?r ?n equal ?m?unt ?n ??rt-t?m?, P??d w?rk (v?lunt??r work, un???d internships do n?t ??unt), In th? ??m? job, Read More
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  • M?gr?t? to Australia

    Posted on : 30 Mar 2016  |  Category: United States Visa News ,
    M?gr?t? to Australia und?r Skilled Imm?gr?t??n If you ?r? a w?ll-?u?l?f??d ?nd?v?du?l w??h?ng t? m?gr?t? to Au?tr?l?? und?r th? ?k?ll?d ??t?g?r???, th?r? may very well b? ?n ????rtun?t? for you t? g??n ?ntr? to Au?tr?l??. It ?? l?k?l? that ??u w?ll b? ?bl? to ???l? in a category und?r wh??h r?l?v?nt skills, l?ngu?g? ?b?l?t? ?nd w?rk experience ?r? needed ?n order to ??t??f? Au?tr?l??n ?mm?gr?t??n r??u?r?m?nt?.... Read More
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  • India Sends Majority Of H-1b Visa Workers To The US

    Posted on : 24 Mar 2016  |  Category: United States Visa News ,
    Ind??, th? w?rld’? second m??t populous ??untr?, ??nd? th? h?gh??t f?r??gn workers t? Am?r??? on H-1B v???? for ??????lt? occupations by a w?d? margin. R???rt ?f Statistics b? th? U.S. D???rtm?nt ?f St?t? showed th?t, ?n 2012, 80,630 H-1B v???? w?r? ???u?d to w?rk?r? ??m?ng fr?m th?t ??untr?. In ????nd-?l??? th?t ???r w?? China, which ??nt a t?t?l ?f 11,077 w?rk?r? ?v?r ?n ?n H-1B v???; th??? numbers ?n?lud? ?ubm?????n? of v??? extensions which d?n’t??unt against the annual cap ?f 85,000 new.... Read More
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