• India Sends Majority Of H-1b Visa Workers To The US

    Posted on : 24 Mar 2016  |  Category: United States Visa News ,
    Ind??, th? w?rld’? second m??t populous ??untr?, ??nd? th? h?gh??t f?r??gn workers t? Am?r??? on H-1B v???? for ??????lt? occupations by a w?d? margin. R???rt ?f Statistics b? th? U.S. D???rtm?nt ?f St?t? showed th?t, ?n 2012, 80,630 H-1B v???? w?r? ???u?d to w?rk?r? ??m?ng fr?m th?t ??untr?. In ????nd-?l??? th?t ???r w?? China, which ??nt a t?t?l ?f 11,077 w?rk?r? ?v?r ?n ?n H-1B v???; th??? numbers ?n?lud? ?ubm?????n? of v??? extensions which d?n’t??unt against the annual cap ?f 85,000 new.... Read More
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