5 Reasons Hungary Should Be on Your Bucket List


Hungary is an interesting country. Its capital city in not one, but two. Yes, Budapest are two cities – Buda and Pest. Apart from its skyline, coffee, and simple life, you’d wonder why should you visit Hungary. First of all, traveling to Hungary is pretty cheap and the cost of living is even cheaper.

If you are looking for reasons to visit Hungary, we have a list of five reasons that will convince you to book tickets right away:

1. It is the country of everything big

Hungary is one of the largest countries in Europe. Also, it has some of Europe’s largest monuments and tourists attractions. It is the home to the largest medicinal bath and biggest synagogue of Europe. Hungary has the third largest church of Europe and the second biggest baroque castle on earth.

2. Tasting Hungarian wine

Hungary has the perfect climate for growing grapes. So it is obvious that the wine is going to be delicious as well. All wines are made traditionally. Best Hungarian wine every wine lover should try is Egri Bikavér.

3. Experience thermal baths

Hungary has over 1,500 hot springs. Hungarians love their thermal baths and spas just like Canadians love their hockey. And that’s why Hungary has the largest thermal bath in the world, which also has great medicinal benefits. There are many people in the thermal bath, but that’s okay, no one will judge you.

4. The most beautiful summer sunset

Summer sunsets in Hungary are the most beautiful in the world. The summers are hot and dreamy. Spend time walking all around the cities of Hungary, and eating ice cream and food all day long.

5. Sziget

Hungary hosts the world’s largest festival in the world – Sziget. It is hosted on the Obuda Island of Budapest and sees a crowd of over 500,000.