4 Reasons You Should Settle in Europe and not the US

Source: The Healthy Passport

Many people have a misconception than Europe is too laid back and not a place where a career-oriented person should settle for work. Europe loves its employees and maintains a good work-life balance. Also since Europe is pretty small, so you get to travel to other countries at very cheap air fare.

Source: The Healthy Passport

There are a lot of advantages of settling in Europe as compared to US. Here are four reasons why you should settle in Europe and not in the US:

1. Two months of paid leave

An average American worker gets only one week of paid leave, whereas an European worker gets eight weeks of paid leave. They cannot push it to the next year because the government wants you to take off and enjoy and then get back to work. Pregnant women get five months of maternity leave as compared to three months in the US.

2. Cheap tuition fees

Only a few people in the US study, while others cannot because of the high tuition fees. But in Europe, the tuitions are very less. Some countries like Germany and Austria don’t even charge fees to local students. Along with that, you get high paying jobs that set your career straight in the first year.

3. Universal health care plans

There are 50 European countries and 27 out of them have universal health care plans. These countries believe that every person should have equal rights to health care. I guess, that’s all that you need to know.

4. Perfectly planned and nutritious school lunches

We all have come across posts where parents bash US school lunches. European schools hire dieticians and chefs to make food nutritiously complete and delicious for students. That is why Europeans are healthier than people all around the world.


European houses are smaller but that’s because they are made of bricks unlike American homes. They cost cheaper too as the cost of living is very low.