4 Reasons to Move to Italy Right Now

Source: TRVL

Most people don’t consider Italy as an ideal place to move and settle in. For long it is being considered as a tourist attraction for its Roman architecture. To live in Italy is a charming thing in itself. There is a very royal touch to it. Italy is a growing industrial hub and it is the right time to move out there. Some of the jobs that are in demand in Italy are skiing instructors, summer cruise crew, pizza makers, tour guides, and teachers.

Source: TRVL

Here are four reasons you need to move to Italy right away:

1. Abundant job opportunities

The jobs mentioned above might not look that attractive or require very high qualification but there are surely high paying jobs. Italy earns most of its economic revenue from tourism, wine, food, and olive oil. All the industries are going great and expanded to such an extent that there is always need of more people.

2. Immerse yourself in the festivities

Italians are always celebrating something or the other. Their traditions will take you back to medieval era Italy, a culturally rich era. Some of the famous festivals in Italy are Easter procession,cheering on the Befana witches during Christmas, and orange battle in Ivrea.

3. Learn a new language

There is nothing more enriching than learning a new language. If you would’ve taken Italian as a language in school, you would’ve found it difficult. Learn it from the locals and you’ll never forget it. And when you visit your family back home, you can always boast of knowing something new.

4. Handmade delicious food

Right from its villages or metropolitan cities, Italy will offer you perfectly made handmade food. You won’t find the pizzas and pastas of Italy anywhere else. They are a true definition of cooked with love.


Even though it is a small country, there are a lot of places you can travel to because Italy has a deep rooted history.